Lower Gwynedd Campus Updates

May 12, 2024 – For the Theology Dormitory, the priest resident cabinets have been installed.  For the College Dormitory, the Cross has been placed on top of the building, entrance overhangs have been installed, priest resident cabinets have been installed, and sinks and toilets are being in installed in the public area restroom.  For the Student Life Center, the bell tower staircase has been installed, pew risers are being built for choir pews in the Chapel, cedar walls are being installed in the sacristy closets, sanctuary spots are being installed, work is being continued on the Altar of Reservation, vent covers are beginning to be installed, flooring for the hallway of the ground floor is being installed, and restroom flooring has been installed.

May 4, 2024 – For the Student Life Center, the brick decor in the chapel area is in progress the stairwell at the bell tower is being installed, the drywall on the octagonal ceiling in the chapel foyer is being installed, the walnut trim in the library is being installed, water fountains are being installed, partial lighting has been installed in the chapel, the back altar from Immaculate Conception Chapel is in the process of being installed, and the Holy Spirit window has been installed.  For the College Dormitory, the brick on the roadside of the building is being completed,  fire detectors have been installed, and the chapel sanctuary arch is in progress.

We are planning to take much of our sacred art and artifacts from the Overbrook campus with us to our new campus in Lower Gwynedd, PA.  However, we are simply unable to take all of our extensive collection of art and sacred objects with us. There remain many sacred and special items that we are making available for purchase. All of the proceeds from the sale of these items will help us to defray the substantial expenses to move to the new campus.

There is currently a sale of 
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